Top 20+ Best Town Hall 8 Base Designs 2018 for War, Farming, Trophies Online

Hey Clashers,Today we are going to show the best th8 base designs that can defend against various attacks like gowipe, dragon.Before we get into the best town hall 8 clan war bases let us what and how many structure and defensive buildings are available for design.

These strikes were nearly impossible to guard. Super-cell would like to maneuver ahead multi-wave attacking, so having a lot more than 1 troop and also a kill squad. To start with, you want to re design your foundations and receive the brand new Air Defenses as so on as you are able to. Below are a few ideas you should use for the brand new base design to allow it to be Anti Dragon.

This farming Base with Committed Air Defenses needs to maintain the covetous attackers off.

Best TH8 Base Design Anti Everything 2018

th8 base design
th8 base design
TH8 War and Grid Base Designs with Fresh Air Defenses

The January Update attracted some tiny changes which have huge consequences for most Clasher's. In case you are town hall 8, then you are ready to create an additional air-defense and in Town Hall 6, then an third air-defense. This places an end to mass drag on miniature and attacking Healer combos being strong, notably at Clan War. more level 9 layout here.

This Town-hall 8 War Base Delivers excellent Anti Dragon protection because of this Air Defenses.

Before you just had three Air Defenses. You might guarantee that somebody who's attacking with bulk Dragons attracted some Lightning Spells and smashed the own base. With 3 Air Defenses, then you can produce your base very difficult to take  down with bulk dragons, with these simple base layouts.

Let us begin with the farming Base Design for th8. If a person intends to strike you together with Giants and Healers, it's extremely difficult to take the Air Defenses.

Super-cell said 2018 which they would like to encourage multi-troop strikes having a multi-attacking platform system. The very first stage is aimed at shooting down guards, and also another point is really for moving to your rest-including town Hall. They love such strikes, and let us face it people will be the only kinds which are art based. The upgrade is just another measure up super-cell's desired leadership, and I suppose we'll have some additional developments in the foreseeable future affects as a way to protect against the mass (one-of-a-kind-troop) assaulting mixes which have tremendous success.