COC Best Town hall (TH) 6 War Bases

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hey guys. how are you all? so we are going to discuss about the clash of clans best war layouts of tow hall 6.

Basically before getting into bases, let us see how many defensive buildings/structures are available for designing base for farming,trophy,hybrid and war bases in th 6.

so what you can get from this post . Basically we have a picture of the best town hall 6  bases, some of the features, followed by a YouTube video showing how to design the th6 base.

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so lets get started

Defensive Buildings in Town Hall 6 base

125  Walls                     6
3     Cannons                 7 
3     Archer Towers         7

2     Mortars                   4
4     Bombs                    3 
2     Air Defense             4
2     Wizard Towers         3
1     Giant Bomb             2
2     Air Bombs               2 
1     Air Sweeper         2
4    Spring Traps
5 Builder’s Hut, 

Structures in TH 6 for Layout design

 6   Gold Mines,                           10
 6   Elixir Collectors,                     10
 2   Gold Storage's,                      10
 2   Elixir Storage's,                      10
 3   Barracks,                                 8
 3   Army Camps,                           6
 1   Laboratory,                              4
 1   Spell Factory,                           2
 1   Clan Castle                              3

Best Clash of Clans TH 6 can war layout

Note:only buildings which are available in town hall 6 are used for designing the base.

In this layout th is placed in the center, so getting 2 stars or 3 stars is a tough task and you can see the air defenses, wizard towers are well placed.


1.some what hard to lure to clan cattle troops
2.good placement of mortars and air defenses that protects from air defenses.

Now watch YouTube video on how to design?

TH 6 Hybrid  Layout 2
So u can see this base has town hall, mortars and wizard towers in the core central compartment that constitutes to a strong design. the air defenses are placed evenly covering the entire side.This layout can be used for  war as well as trophy attacks.

Features of this Base
1.Good Placement of air defenses,mortars and wizard tower.

Watch the YouTube video on how to design ?

TH 6 war  Layout  3

In this base we have TH, mortars and wizard towers are placed well. so it's kind of hard to get three stars.It can used for farming trophy and war attack.This is a hybrid layout having compact walls.