Best Town hall (TH) 6 Clan War Bases

Clash of Clans Best Town hall 6 Clan war bases
Hey Clashers, Hope everyone is doing good so today we are gonna show you the best tow hall 6 clan war base.
so what u gonna get from this post. The features of the design,total number of structures defensive buildings and YouTube video showing how to design th6 clan war base.

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clash of clans town hall 4 war base 2016

Defensive Buildings/Structures in TH 6 War base

125  Walls                     6
3     Cannons                 7 
3     Archer Towers         7

2     Mortars                   4
4     Bombs                    3 
1     Air Defense             4
2     Wizard Towers         3
1     Giant Bomb             2
2     Air Bombs               2 
1     Air Sweeper            2
4    Spring Traps
5 Builder’s Hut, 

Structures in TH 6 for Layout design
 6   Gold Mines,                           10
 6   Elixir Collectors,                     10
 2   Gold Storage's,                      10
 2   Elixir Storage's,                      10
 3   Barracks,                                 8
 3   Army Camps,                           6
 1   Laboratory,                              4
 1   Spell Factory,                           2
 1   Clan Castle                              3

Th 6 war layout 

this war design is anti everything.Town hall is placed in the middle of the Layout protecting from getting three stars
spring taps, mortars and wizards tower placement is awesome in this layout.

Features about this TH 6 base:

1.Spring Tap Placement
2.Good Placement of Air Defense and Mortar.
3.Wizard Tower Placement.

Down side of this layout is some of the collectors,mines and storage's are placed inside the walls. that is because to waste time of troops while attacking in that mean time defensive structures kills the opponent troops.


watch how to design this th 6 layout now

TH6 Clan War Base


Note:only the buildings that are available at Th6 are used for designing the layout.

Features of this th 6 Layout:
1.good air defense placement. mortar,wizard,archer tower placement.

town-hall-6-2-air-defense-layoutThis layout is highly protected from getting 3 stars in coc wars .Town hall and air defenses are placed inside the core compartment that protect us from air attacks.mortars are placed in a way that covers the whole part of the buildings collectors and storage's.

watch the YouTube video of above strong defense layout.

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coc best tow hall 6 clan war bases 
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Best COC Th6 war bases.
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